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British Fashion Success – AllSaints Optimises its eCommerce Sites

AllSaints is a leading British fashion design house whose edgy tailoring has captured the eye of urban fashionistas across the UK. Following its success on the British high street, AllSaints has taken its collections to stores across Europe and recently to the US. As well as being a hit on the high street, the UK and US ecommerce sites have also proved to be popular shopping channels for AllSaints' target market, capitalising on the rise of online fashion shopping at the higher end.
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Polaris Drives Hot Leads to Dealerships with Help from Webtrends Visitor Data Mart™ and Score™

When Polaris launched a new interactive website, they used Webtrends Visitor Data Mart and Score to analyze customer web behavior and identify highest-value prospects. Polaris put online behavior data into the company CRM system and flagged qualified sales leads to be sent to dealerships and less mature leads were identified for more nurturing. Focusing on business goals, Polaris used Webtrends Analytics to measure three key performance indicators: conversion (how many web visitors become qualified leads), influence (how many qualified leads go to dealerships), and response (how effective online and offline product campaigns are).
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Webtrends Helps Qtel's Virgin Mobile Service Increase Fan Count by 57% in Just 29 Days

Qtel's Virgin Mobile Service (QVMS) leveraged Webtrends Social Consulting Services for their Make it Yours 2011 campaign, a contest in which users submitted their photos for a chance to win a Canon 5D EOS camera package. They were interested in growing their fan base organically, while engaging and connecting with their target market on a personal level.

To achieve this goal, Webtrends developed a custom App that pulled photos from Flickr, displayed them in a gallery, and allowed users to search for, vote for, and share their favorite photos via Facebook and Twitter from a single tab on the QVMS fan page.

Over the course of the campaign, QVMS saw a 57% increase in fan count in just 29 days. Even more impressive was the dramatic growth of engagement among users, evidenced by the sustained 263% increase in daily likes and comments on the QVMS page.
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The Telegraph: Monetizing Mobile Through Measurement

Mobile measurement is critical to inform the overall mobile strategy at UK-based news publisher Telegraph Media Group. Understanding subscribers' reading behaviors has enabled the publisher to successfully deploy and enhance its Telegraph for iPad app and to identify new opportunities to monetize through mobile advertising. Telegraph uses Webtrends to measure what matters on its iPad news app to inform important decisions around the type of content, the times of day when content is consumed, the depth of engagement and overall subscriber loyalty and retention. The company's approach was smart and methodical, starting with the launch of a free app and measuring initial activity. It has moved on to a new version of the iPad app, paid-for content and are now exploring what this mobile channel may mean for advertisers.
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