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SanDisk isn’t just transforming storage technology. We’re transforming the way businesses leverage data to achieve the agility and insight they need to succeed. When you have access to information, the possibilities are endless. From SSDs for notebooks to software and systems for running hyperscale data centers and embedded storage for mobile phones, SanDisk solutions provide you with outstanding performance, capacity and reliability while lowering maintenance, energy consumption and total cost of ownership. We enable the flash-accelerated business.

Flash accelerates the flow of data so businesses can get more out of their technology. Flash-transformed data centers are built with fewer servers, fewer storage systems, less software and less energy while delivering better performance, scalability and reliability.


Faster speeds, greater reliability, and a better TCO for your data center: these are just some of the reasons smart enterprises are turning to flash.

Get the Most out of Your Data Center

Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators, with up to 6.4 terabytes1 of fast flash memory, accelerate the flow of data between servers and other assets. The end result? Data centers become optimized for utilization and performance, decreasing your TCO while boosting productivity.

A Spectrum of Applications

Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators are deployed to improve virtualization, databases, business intelligence and real-time financial data processing as well as read-intensive workloads, such as web hosting, data mining, seismic data, content caching, 3D Animation, and CAD/CAM.


SanDisk systems provide 50x better performance than equivalent hard drive-based systems.


Flash-based systems ease the burden on external cooling by using 80% less power.


We deliver 5x the density of hard drive systems. That means lower capex and opex.