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The Blue Coat Security Platform

Blue Coat is a leading provider of advanced web security solutions for global enterprises and governments. Our mission is to protect enterprises and their users from cyber threats – whether they are on the network, on the web, in the cloud or mobile.

Blue Coat protects and serves over 15,000 organizations every day, including over 70% of the Fortune Global 500. We partner with Chief Security Officers and network and security operations teams to address fundamental shifts in their computing landscape – with equally vital network, security and cloud implications. The Blue Coat Security Platform unites network, security and cloud technologies to maximize security protection, minimize network impact and fully embrace cloud applications and services. The platform was forged by Blue Coat's 20+ years of front-line security experience, fortified by deep engineering and research prowess.

Evolving Networks, the strictly defined corporate network as we've known it for many decades is nearing extinction. New connectivity options have emerged. Encrypted traffic is everywhere, creating blind spots for security controls. And the traditional perimeter is dissolving, as Wi-Fi and 4G/5G and cloud services foster new work patterns.

Endpoint Revolution Laptops and desktops used to be the dominant computing form factor, which made the "endpoint" easier to protect. Not so much with the new generation of devices – from smartphones and tablets to thermostats, cars and other "things" connected to the Internet – many of which can't install and maintain traditional endpoint controls. This expanding attack surface demands a different control point.

Blue Coat delivers an integrated security platform that addresses these evolving network + security + cloud requirements – with six advanced solutions that work equally well across on-premise and cloud-managed environments:

  • Proxy-based traffic inspection and policy enforcement
  • Encrypted traffic management
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Incident response, analytics & forensics
  • Web application protection
  • Network performance optimization

Network operators endorse the Blue Coat Security Platform because it delivers security that actually improves performance, including "five 9s" reliability and in-line traffic inspection at real network speeds. Security teams trust us to deliver advanced security features, deep payload inspection and complete data visibility – even within encrypted traffic. And cloud teams value our native cloud service broker, which uses the power of the cloud to protect infrastructure, applications, services, and data for a variety of delivery models.

The Blue Coat Security Platform offers a comprehensive solution that combines the functional benefits of multiple products, without the overhead associated with deploying multiple solutions.