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Complete visibility and control at scale.

Like packages shipped from Point A to Point B, applications—along with their users and data—are exposed to enormous risk as they travel from device to data center server and back again. F5 secures access to applications from anywhere while protecting them wherever they reside. Based on an elastic security services fabric, F5 helps businesses protect sensitive data and intellectual property while minimizing application downtime and maximizing end-user productivity.

Core Capabilities for Optimizing Applications

Load balancing isn't dead —it has evolved into something much greater. While it remains a core functionality for delivering any application, traditional load-balancing has moved beyond the network to encompass a range of security, performance and management services. As leaders in the application services industry, F5's expertise in helping power fast, available, and secure applications forms the foundation for our entire catalog of solutions.

Cloud Computing

An app-centric strategy helps organizations maintain control over applications in the cloud. By extending the same availability, performance, and security services across environments—on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, or a mix (hybrid)—organizations can be confident their apps will provide the same user experience wherever they’re deployed. The same policies that govern applications in the data center can be applied in the cloud.

F5 works with many of the world’s leading technology companies to improve manageability, strengthen security, and ensure faster and more successful deployments. Joint customers benefit from the integration and interoperability that result from this close collaboration.