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Web Analytics

Webtrends offers a variety of Web analytics products, services, and solutions which focus on the collection and presentation of user behavior data for websites and mobile device applications.

Being the pioneers and the world's No.1 Web Analytics solution provider, it takes the work out of web analytics, providing you an easier way to improve your business results.

1. Webtrends Stream - The Future of Real-Time Intelligence

Digital marketing moves fast, but customers move faster—until now. Introducing Webtrends Streams, an exciting new marketing solution that delivers rich data on each individual visitor, and does it faster than real-time. How fast? For the first time ever, you can see data instantly and act on it when it matters most: at the exact moment customers are engaged with your social, mobile or online property.

No time delay. No after-the-fact guesswork. You’ll have live data with precisely the information you need to create more relevant digital experiences for your customers, so they’ll visit often and stay longer.

2. Optimize - Make it relevant->Test->Segment->Target.

Content drives engagement. Offers and promotions drive conversion. Customer experience drives satisfaction. Relevance drives results. Combine a best-in-breed site optimization platform with award-winning services to make your site relevant to customers and get the results you want.

3. Analytics - Digital Measurement

With the explosion of new digital channels such as mobile and social, marketers today face mounting challenges to understand consumer behaviors, and deliver relevant experiences at just the right time.

Webtrends Digital Measurement Solutions enable brands to justify investments and prove marketing success across new and emerging channels. By creating a culture of measurement, actions become informed by digital intelligence, not by guesswork.

4. ADS-Optimize Your Online Ads From Click to Conversion

Webtrends Ads optimizes online ad spend across global search, content networks and Facebook. By knowing which ads drive business rather than browsers, our team finds the magical combinations that give you the best return on your advertising spend.

5. Understand What Really Matters to Customers

The people that interact with your brand across digital channels are individuals. Understanding the behaviors, demographics and preferences of these individuals is essential to your marketing and business success.

Merely looking at online traffic data will not help you increase sales. Why? Because it requires additional action on your part 7 out of 10 times to complete the sale. You need to know each customer in a unique way in order to conduct relevant targeting. Now there is a way to do this with Segments.

6. Build Your Social Marketing Rocket Ship Strategic Consulting and Enablement

Our Social Media Optimization (SMO) practice is designed to help you accelerate and optimize your social marketing efforts. Here are a few ways we help our clients:

Strategic planning + project management Social marketing testing + optimization

Facebook page management + Social media advertising strategy+ management

Custom social, mobile and web applications + Facebook analytics for pages and apps

Twitter and data integration + Facebook campaign dashboards

Social dashboards for listening and campaigns + Custom data visualizations

7. Reinvigorate

Measure, Analyze, Evolve.

Simple, Real-time web analytics + Heatmaps.

The Complete Software Solution which would help you to get a complete picture of your web site's performance and help you acquire, convert and retain more customers.



Web Acceleration

SiteCelerate optimizes and accelerates images and text for servers delivering Web sites and Web applications. SiteCelerate increase

Web application delivery performance up to 1000% - to every user, on every connection speed, from any device. In addition, SiteCelerate adds

scalability, improves site performance, and provides an excellent user experience for all web sites and web applications – both

normal (HTTP) and encrypted (HTTPS).

1. SiteCelerate automatically compresses, optimises, and converts your web pages

into “intelligent HTML codes” making it faster, smarter, and web browser friendly.

2. Text, graphics, including secured and encrypted data (SSL) are optimized and

made smaller in size and thus downloads faster. And because of the “compressed”

content, bandwidth utilization is significantly reduced.

3. At the same time, once optimised, these “smaller” and “intelligent” web pages are

cached in SiteCelerate to reduce the time required to deliver a webpage from the

server to the end user. This also means that the number of “server calls” or trips to

your web or application server will also be significantly reduced thus reducing

server load and increasing your server capacity.

4. To make it easy for your end-users, SiteCelerate also does not require any web

browser plug-in making it transparent to your users no matter where they are.